Law and Justice Pilot Course Development


This wiki is designed to support implementation of the Law and Justice pilot courses for North Carolina in the 2015-2016 school year.

Course Development

Currently we are working on two courses: IP41 Law & Justice 1 as well as IP42 Law & Justice 2

Unit and Lesson Development

To go to the course development page for each course click on the links below.

IP41 Law & Justice 1 - Final phase of pilot

IP42 Law & Justice 2 - Under revision

Course Blueprints

The tentative blueprint for each course is also provided for reference.

Blueprint for IP41 (final phase)

Blueprint for IP 42 (work in progress)


Great Links

Backwards Design

Quick guide to learn about the process - click here to visit
My lesson plan for courses

Revised Bloom's Taxonomy (RBT)

Iowa State University has a great resource page - click here to visit
The Padagogy Wheel helps you link technology to RBTs
Padagogy-Wheel s.jpg
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A quick list of verbs that match RBT
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