IP 41 Law and Justice 1 Course DevelopmentUnit 8: Traffic Codes and Investigations

Unit Details

  • Course Weight: 10%
  • Hours of Instruction: 15 +/-
  • Course Assessment Questions: 10
  • Standard: The Learner will be able to understand traffic codes and investigations (RBT: B2)


  1. Understand the importance of effective and traffic enforcement as it relates to loss of life, serious injury, and property damage.
  2. Justify the choice of traffic code applied to a given traffic incident.
  3. Understand the basics of crash scene investigation.
  4. Complete a traffic crash report.
  5. Discuss the difference between a citation and an arrest as it relates to traffic code enforcement.
  6. Assess a mock crash scene and respond accordingly.
  7. Formulate a plan to properly document the mock crash scene using appropriate techniques and paperwork.

My Lesson

  • Feel free to use my plans as a guide. My course is based on 52 minute class periods.
  • My students in the first year course are 9th or 10th graders.
  • These materials may need updating. Be sure to check web links.
  • My local PD always sent one of the accident reconstruction investigators as a guest speaker
  • I have used ALERT videos for some time. They will work a good deal for school programs. The videos below are from ALERT.http://alert45.com
  • If you have younger students, you can use the drivers license manual to guide this section. My kids (and parents) liked that the unit aligned with their proximity to testing for their licence.

Daily Outline

  1. Notes w/ DDS Drivers Manual
  2. Notes
  3. Notes
  4. Notes
  5. Notes
  6. Notes
  7. Notes
  8. Notes
  9. Notes, DUI with Fatal Vision goggles
  10. Notes, DUI with Fatal Vision goggles
  11. Notes, Traffic Accident
  12. Accident Investigation Manual
  13. ALERT Accident Scene Management
  14. Guest Speaker – Traffic Investigations
  15. Traffic Accident Lab
  16. Traffic Accident Lab
  17. Review
  18. Game Show
  19. Test

My Dropbox

All the files I used in the this unit can be viewed and downloaded. To print, be sure to download first. Click Here.

Lesson Plan

You may find using this file to design your lesson plan useful.

Additional Resources

My Current Course

In our new curriculum this was moved to our second year course. I think it fit well in the first year - particularly with younger students.

CTE Online

Offers free online content for teachers. Registration required.
  • None for traffic code


Texas Education Agency has online teacher materials for Texas courses.
  • Unit 9 & Unit 10: DUI & Unit 15: Accident Investigations Click Here


  • North Carolina Crash Report (DMV349) Instruction Manual Click Here
  • DMV349 Instruction Form Click Here
  • DMV349 PDF Template Click Here
  • 2014 North Carolina Driver Manual Click Here
  • Texas Explorers Law Enforcement Guide to Traffic Accidents - great lesson plan Click Here
  • U.S. DOT DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Student Manual Click Here