IP 42 Law and Justice 2 Course DevelopmentUnit 7: Pre-Trial Procedures and Examinations

Unit Details

  • Course Weight: 14%
  • Hours of Instruction: 20+/-
  • Course Assessment Questions: 14
  • Standard: The Learner will be able to understand juries, trial procedures and examinations (RBT: B2)


  1. Explain voir dire.
  2. Assess a case for jury selection strategies.
  3. Identify constitutional requirements relating to the jury.
  4. Explain the stages of a trial after jury selection.
  5. Appraise a case for prosecutorial and defense strategies.
  6. Design an opening and closing statement.
  7. Establish evidence through direct examination.
  8. Challenge testimony through cross examination.
  9. Predict constitutional challenges to trial errors.
  10. Formulate proper objections.

My Lesson

  • This is when the students will work in "law firms" fairly frequently
  • Labs and CERT is in the mix of this unit
  • This is essentially a mock trial unit
  • I have some great packets that the students work through
  • You, The Jury (click here) is a video that lets the students experience jury duty. It is hard to find!
  • May it Please the Court (click here) is a great "out of the box" training for mock trials - with an emphasis on mock trial team - but very applicable to the class.

Daily Outline

  1. Media: You, The Jury with deliberations
  2. Media: Edmonson with worksheet, Media: Ensuring Fairplay take media notes
  3. Jury Selection & Voir Dire worksheet, packets & computer activity
  4. CERT
  5. Discuss Voir Dire, assign Ideal Juror & Voir Dire questions
  6. Continue work from previous
  7. Initial Review of a Case
  8. CERT
  9. Opening Statements, Media May It Please the Court
  10. Opening Statements, groups, begin
  11. Opening Statements, individual work, then group critique
  12. Introduction, May It Please the Court – Direct, Intro Direct packets
  13. Direct Packets or finish previous materials
  14. Direct Packets
  15. Catch Up Day/Direct materials
  16. End of Pathway test prep
  17. Introduction, May It Please the Court – Cross, Intro Cross, packets
  18. Cross Packets
  20. Catch Up Day from previous Cross materials
  21. Introduction to Objections, Hearsay & Admission of Evidence
  22. OH&AE Packets
  23. OH&AE Packets
  24. Introduction to Closings, May It Please the Court – Closing, Intro Closings
  25. Closing Packets
  26. Mock Trial in class – Opening, Final Exam Trials Out
  27. Mock Trial in class – Direct & Cross
  28. Courthouse Trip, work on case
  29. Mock Trial in class – Closing, final info
  30. Mock Trial Finals – Prep day
  31. Mock Trial Finals – Prep day
  32. Lab: FATS/Night of Mock Trials
  33. Lab: Edged Weapons lab/Night of Mock Trials
  34. Lab: SWAT/Night of Mock Trials

My Dropbox

All the files I used in the this unit can be viewed and downloaded. To print, be sure to download first. Click Here.

Lesson Plan

You may find using this file to design your lesson plan useful.

Additional Resources

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