IP 42 Law and Justice 2 Course DevelopmentUnit 3: Federal and State Law

Unit Details

  • Course Weight: 14%
  • Hours of Instruction: 20+/- (note - 5 to 6 hours of labs are from Unit 11)
  • Course Assessment Questions: 14
  • Standard: The Learner will be able to understand federal and state law (RBT: B2)


  1. Identify the elements of crimes commonly prosecuted.
  2. Compare the federal and state criminal definitions of crimes commonly prosecuted.
  3. Identify the ways crimes are classified and categorized.
  4. Compare criminal defenses.
  5. Evaluate a case and determine proper prosecutorial response.

My Lesson

  • In this unit BL stands for Blacks Law reading, which I explained in the last unit
  • LABS are from Unit 11 (Procedures in Advanced Policing). So while there are 33 listed days - about 6 are labs.
  • Competition Assignments are from SkillsUSA competitions. In this year the students do prepared speech, extemp speech and career pathway showcase.
  • Law Firms are still working on their proposals.
  • I begin to use media and have discussions from the media
  • Law & Order - the first seasons - are great as a way to break up the lectures, reward them and you can also have a discussion.
  • Introduce group skills with some group activities.
  • In the labs the students "earn" their belt equipment. So we spend time getting belts sized in this unit. Girls first then guys get whats left. They write down their belt number so we don't waste time later.

Daily Outline

  1. Law Firm Proposal
  2. Notes (Elements), BL: 178-208
  3. Notes (Elements, Inchoate)
  4. Notes (Inchoate)
  5. Notes (Defenses)
  6. Lab: Handcuffing Review
  7. Law Firms: Insanity research, BL: 208-246
  8. Review, Insanity Activity
  9. Test 1
  10. Lab: pressure points & strikes
  11. Notes, BL: 17-50
  12. Notes, Belliardo media (youths charged as adults)
  13. Finish media, discuss media, Law Firm Project discussion
  14. Debate Cotnoir case (PTSD case), Firms, Notes
  15. Notes
  16. Notes, BL: 51-77.5
  17. Media: something on trials, juries or courts
  18. Law & Order (TV show – first seasons are best), BL 77.5-102
  19. Notes
  20. Notes
  21. Lab: belts sized, competition packets out (speech/pathway showcase)
  22. Lab: Weapon retention, disarms
  23. Zoom/Rezoom, brainstorming, BL 247-278.5
  24. Notes
  25. Notes
  26. Notes
  27. Notes
  28. Law Firm Projects/TechPrep, BL 278.5 - End
  29. Notes
  30. Notes
  31. Test
  32. Lab: batons
  33. Lab: batons

My Dropbox

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Lesson Plan

You may find using this file to design your lesson plan useful.

Additional Resources

CTE Online

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  • None for this unit


Texas Education Agency has online teacher materials for Texas courses.
Court Systems & Practices


  • Street Law at the UW School of Law - Model Lesson Plans Click Here
  • Law Lessons Click Here
  • Judicial Learning Center - again, best on the web - Click Here
  • Cornell Law Federal Code Links Click Here
  • Criminal Codes for most states from Cornell Law Click Here
  • An Introduction to North Carolina's Judicial Branch Click Here