IP 42 Law and Justice 2 Course DevelopmentUnit 4: Constitutional Law

Unit Details

  • Course Weight: 14%
  • Hours of Instruction: 20+/-
  • Course Assessment Questions: 14
  • Standard: The Learner will be able to understand constitutional law (RBT: B2)


  1. Evaluate the restraints placed on law enforcement officers by the Bill of Rights.
  2. Identify the Fourth Amendment: protection against unreasonable search and seizures.
  3. Discuss the Fifth Amendment: protection against self-incrimination and double jeopardy.
  4. Discuss the Sixth Amendment: right to counsel and a fair trial.
  5. Discuss the Eighth Amendment: protection against excessive bail, excessive fines, and cruel and unusual punishment.

My Lesson

  • This is more of a review and enhancement unit. The students should have a solid base from the first year course on general constitutional law. This unit allows for bridging that knowledge to real world applications.
  • Students will do their speeches if you are doing the competition assignments.
  • We do a community event where our students train the community in CPR during this unit.

Daily Outline

  1. Prepared Speeches, Island of Justice Assignment
  2. Prepared Speeches, Island of Justice Assignment
  3. Island of Justice Presentations
  4. Island of Justice Presentations
  5. Island of Justice finish, vote
  6. Notes
  7. Community CPR (CERT)
  8. Community CPR (CERT)
  9. Notes
  10. Notes
  11. Notes
  12. Notes
  13. Notes
  14. Scenarios
  15. Scenarios
  16. Review
  17. Test
  18. Extemporaneous Speech
  19. Extemporaneous Speech

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Lesson Plan

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Additional Resources

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