Links for LPSCS CTE


More than a search engine! Google does everything. You can even get a phone number that converts voice mail to text! Google Drive with free online space and file sharing. But it also has Google Docs which allows for making presentations, documents and spreadsheets that open on any computer or browser. There is a feature that allows you to make forms that I use for quizzes, pre-tests and even my syllabus. Google Apps for Education gives you or your school free Google to all your kids using your web domain. Additionally each kid gets a Google email address and all the Google products with 30 gig online. Teachers can open the student files and check work. The school maintains ownership. I use it for students to make their own web using Google Sites. IT IS FREE! - Google Classroom is a easy entry into online education platforms.

Cool Tools for Schools

The best link for teachers! It has everything you can image:

Assessment - $40 a year. Has testing and tracks completion of word searches, flashcards and other study games. Keeps up with grades. I use it! - a massive list of assignment ideas as well as assignment options.

Best Practices - pretty much every education best practice is on this site - I watch these during lunch sometimes. Amazing ideas. - 21st Century Skills is the big buzz right now. This site explains it and provides tools. - tons of lessons plans, not very specific to LPSCS, but on study skills, groups and similar useful topics. - Yup! Believe it or not this is my "go to" for a quick view and to start research - "Where Good Ideas Come From" video

Classroom - popular digital classroom looks like Facebook - free online digital classroom. You provide the server and it is free. Think Blackboard for free. - free online storage that you can share by link. Send the email with the link to the 50 meg file and you inbox won't explode. - this page is a wikispace page. I love how easy it is to use! - awesome collaboration site for students and educators!
onlinestopwatch - count downs, stop watches and all things time. I use it to keep me on time for bells and timer for class activities. - power point alternative that zooms around. Kids like to use it. Too much zooming can make you feel sea sick! - creates cool "word clouds" for vocabulary. - motivates and tracks student completion (think digital merit badges) - WordPress is a popular blog with classroom specific features

Common Core

literacyccgps Georgia Literacy Forum - good ideas on how to implement the ELA Common Core - a compilation of links (some Georgia only) for ELA Common Core - creates rubrics linked to Common Core - lesson plans - perfect examples - for literacy Common Core


remind101 - gives you ways to text or email the masses, classes, parents and trip group - all without giving out your cell #! - create a "chat" room of sorts for any group. It is sort of a twitter room in that it is limited to 140 characters. No log in required. - an online place for ideas, you can share, brainstorm, network ideas visually and post pics or test - another way to share ideas without a log on - sort of on online cork board - cool form maker for assessments or surveys or anything. I like Google drive forms - but Wufoo is easier for new folks.


Garnder's MI and Learning Styles Tests - great way to find student's learning nature

Ethics for Students - I've always wanted to do this...sorry but I haven't

Flipped Classroom - Myths vs. Reality of Flipped Classes - Wikipedia on Flipping


theforensicsteacher - great materials for teaching forensics

Instructional Notebooks

An introduction from an academic teacher
Pinterest page loaded with ideas
A wiki on Interactive Notebooks with tons of links

Legal/Law Resources - ALL FREE!

The Annenberg Classroom - Resources for "civics education" - but many, many, many apply to LPSCS. Games, too!
Bill of Rights Institute - lesson plans
The Constitution Project - Free films on various cases and resources
CTE Online Criminal Justice Model - More materials on policing, forensics, and civics.
Judicial Learning Center - Makes me wish I lived in Missouri! TONS of resources and activities! California DoE sponsored teacher share site.
Law & Justice - Materials designed to teach Foundations in Law and Foundations in Criminal Justice. Whole courses, FREE.
Oyez - A great site on Supreme Court. Has a bio on every justice in the history of the court.
SCOTUS Blog - Everything you could ever need on the Supreme Court!
Texas Education Agency CTE - Lesson plans and PowerPoints on many topics in Law, Public Safety and Corrections. Open to educators.
Texas Bar LRE - great games! The Pick Twelve jury game is one of my favorites! Dozens of court case lessons with media under Oyez Oyez.

Media - photo, video, audio - create short digital videos with music, photos, video and text - use your computer camera and you can video yourself as you present a document. You can create little lessons using PowerPoint. - a FREE photoshop program. 2 choices - complicated and simple. - add animation to your materials.

Project Based Learning - The Mecca of PBL. The "Do It Yourself" walks you through the whole process. - PBL resourcs and planning guides